The Making Of Kumari

The journey of Kumari: A Father's Dream began in 2012 when our team first learned of Jagat Lama. Hearing Jagat's story, we set out with the plan to produce a film about rural healthcare in remote Nepal. Little did we know that an imminent earthquake in the region would turn the film into a much larger story about the human experiences of strife, setbacks, and perseverance.


After hearing Jagat's story and deciding the move forward with this project, we began assembling our dream team of industry professionals who wanted to leverage their skills to help others.

During this stage, we also began laying the foundation for our work by launching our first Kickstarter and seeking out branded partnerships to help spread our fundraising reach.


In 2013, our team traveled to Kumari and got our first look at the newly built hospital. During our visit, we captured footage of the women's skill center, school, and preparation of the grand opening of Kumari's first medical center. On our final weekend, we witnessed the grand opening of the Sukman Memorial Polyclinic.

Woman in Kumari classroom
Producer in front of editing screen in studio


The two years following the filming in Kumari were filled with long hours, dwindling resources, and uncertainty. An early version of the film fell short of conveying the story we set out to tell and sent us back to the drawing board. At this point, we were unsure of how we'd be able to bring this project to fruition as funds were running out and our team had other projects to tend to.


In April 2015, a massive and deadly earthquake shook Nepal, leveling buildings and killing over 8,000 people.

We soon learned of the devastation Kumari had suffered. The clinic, school, and many homes in the region were destroyed. Injuries suffered during the earthquake were going untreated and Kumari needed access to medical care more than ever.

Our team immediately held a 48-hour shut-in to strategize how we could best help our friends in Kumari. We launched another fundraiser to help with the rebuilding efforts in Kumari and headed back with our crew. We also turned to our trusted supporters for financial support to fly out two members of our production team to document the effects.

Through this unforeseen tragedy, we were able to dive deeper into the spirit of the Kumari people and bring more awareness to aid work in the area.


After filming the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, our team went through several cycles of fundraising, shut-ins, and editing. Each time, moving ahead as much as our funds would allow.

From the very beginning, our grassroots efforts faced challenges that could have brought the project to a halt. Through the commitment of our team and the generous help from donors, brand partners, and co-producers, we're able to fulfill our promise of telling the story of Kumari.

Help Support Ongoing Efforts In The Region of Kumari

Revenue from Kumari: A Father's Dream is being directed to the people of Kumari to continue to support ongoing community growth projects. You can further contribute to these efforts by donating directly to our fund or purchasing items from our shop.